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The Second Sunday in Lent-The Rev Melanie Lemburg

The Rev Melanie Dickson Lemburg 2 nd Sunday in Lent-Year B February 25, 2024           Last fall, I was driving down Highway 17 in South Carolina, and I saw a figure approaching in the distance along the shoulder of the road.   I watched as it approached, and my eyes began to discern what I was seeing.   It was youngish man, probably in his twenties; he was dressed casually, but nicely—in blue jeans and a ball cap.   And he was carrying something slung over his shoulder.   As we grew closer still, I discovered that he was holding a wooden cross, with one of the arms draped casually over the front of his shoulder, and as he approached, I noticed that the cross seemed to somehow be bumping merrily along behind him.   Still trying to make sense of what I was seeing, I glanced over as I passed him to discover that the wooden cross that he was so intentionally carrying while walking down the shoulder of   Highway 17 was attached to a wheel.           (Hunh!)         Our gospel

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