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The Ninth Sunday after Pentecost-The Rev. Melanie Lemburg

  9 th Sunday after Pentecost-Proper 12B July 25, 2021           Our family of four get along pretty well in most areas.   But there is one topic on which we are grievously divided.   When we argue, we usually argue about this particular topic, and stark battle lines have been drawn between for and against.   The topic of contention is… leftovers.           Some of us are often grateful for leftovers because it means that is one less meal that we have to cook.   Those in the pro-leftover camp have been known to eat entire pyrex dishes of leftovers, meal after meal after meal, until they have been completely consumed and the eaters are well and thoroughly sick of them, but by golly, they will get eaten.   Others of us will not deign to let any leftovers pass their lips.   They scorn the lowly leftover and take great offense if it is suggested that they should eat them.   One member of the anti-leftover party likes to refer to the lowly leftover as “old food,” which does not win

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